Congestion in the nose and chest is most often, caused by inflammation in the sinuses or the airways, trapping mucus and thus causing complications. Keeping congestion under control can help prevent secondary infections and sinus headaches. An important aspect of maintaining healthy sinuses is the maintaining fair amount of humidity in the air. Too much or too little humidity in the air can lead to nasal congestion. The sinuses also become inflamed when the air is dry, especially in the winter months esp., when one uses home heating system. A humidifier replaces the proper amount of moisture in the air, alleviating sinus congestion. Research shows that using humidifiers is an effective way of treating congestion. Humidifiers can also soothe dry sinuses, causing them to return to proper size.

Humidifiers come in different types: cold mist or warm mist type .

A warm mist humidifier works by vapourizing water using heat generated by electricity (thus producing steam).
A cold mist humidifier uses ultrasound to nebulize (convert to fine droplets) water producing a fine spray of water.

Both are effective at adding moisture to the air. Cool mist humidifiers are considered safer for use around children and pets because warm humidifiers can cause burns.

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