Energy Extreme (500 gms) - Tara Nutricare

Energy Extreme (500 gms) - Tara Nutricare 

Energy Extreme is an advance mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates that gives an immediate burst and then a long lasting sustained release of energy. It is coupled with few of the very best performance enhancing amino acids and glucoronolactone. It has active electrolyte solution that helps athlete to raise energy levels, improve performance and you can train harder for a longer duration. As per latest research adding electrolyte to the energy drink can enhance performance by nearly more than 50% compare to water alone and 25% more compare to a drink without electrolyte. It has been carefully developed to ensure that it makes hypotonic solution at all times provided mixed as per our recommendation which is the key move fluid for rehydration. It mixes instantly into your water bottle and will be one of your most favourite drink during exercise or training sessions especially for endurance athletes. Do not use this product after exercise.

Energy Extreme (500 gms) - Tara Nutricare

  • Brand: Tara Nutricare
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