Chitone Anti-Fat Formula Capsules (60 Capsules)

If you are looking for a cure for weight-loss, then look no further. A revolutionary, natural and no side-effects product, Chitone, is now available on Made from natural ingredients, each bottle has 60 capsules that can help fight obesity and cut down fat.

Chitone Anti Fat Formula Capsules are made from Chitosan, an internationally acclaimed natural health care product for cholesterol, obesity and related health problems that is further derived from CHITIN. CHITIN is a naturally occurring material separated from the shells of Shrimp, Crab, Squid etc.

Highly pure chitosan is made into capsules and it is made available to consumers as food supplement to contain dietary fat,which in turn helps the body to contain fat related ailments including obesity.

Several studies, clinical as well as toxicological have proven that chitosan is the most efficient and safe fat-absorbing fibre present in nature. These studies have revealed that chitosan is a non-toxic, well tolerated effective natural product that helps to achieve weight reduction, normal BP and blood cholesterol reduction (LDL). If you are sufering from joint pain, then this will help reduce the pain as well.


  • 2 capsules before each meal half an hour earlier with a plain glass of water. Use two to three times daily based on your  over weight. For more details see user slip along with the packing of chitone.
  • Don't use any beverage including coffee, tea, milk etc. with the capsule.
  • Don't take other medicines along with or just before or after the consumption of chitone. Other medicines or tonics etc. are to be taken atleast 2 hours prior to or after the consumption of Chitone.
  • Since Chitone removes fat and other high energy molecules of the diet, pregnant and breast feeding women should not use chitone during that particular period.
  • For proper metabolic activity 6-7 glasses of water is to be consumed daily.

Packing :  60 capsules per bottle.

Chitone Anti-Fat Formula Capsules (60 Capsules)

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